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Chapter Seven - Skinny Dipping and All

Chapter Seven.

Skinny Dipping and All.

Watching Cowboy drive off across the fields the two boys just stood there rubbing their butts and smiling.

“He’s a strict dad but a fair one.” Blu commented.

“Yeah that’s true enough.” Kyle agreed.

“So how you feeling?” Blu asked his new little brother. “After your first liking I mean.”

“Well it isn’t really my first.” Kyle told him. “I mean he spanked me the other day, but I have never tasted the strap before now and I don’t think I want it again in a hurry.”

Blu chuckled at Kyle’s comment. “Let’s have a look then.” He told him. “See what kind of affect he had on you.”

Kyle turned his butt towards Blu and whilst doing so arched his back and strained to look over his shoulder to see his cheeks and how red they were.

“Not to bad.” Blu told him. “I’ve seen worse. Heck I have felt worse!”

“I bet you have!” Kyle agreed as he gingerly reached out his hand and pulled Blu’s butt round so that he could see it.

“Can I touch it?” Kyle asked nervously,

“Heck yeah go ahead.” Blu told him. “Ain’t you ever seen a boy get a licking before?”

“No never.” Kyle admitted. I mean, I have heard of school mates getting one from their dad’s but I have never seen one before today.”

“And didn’t you ever get them?” Blu asked him

“No never, not before the other day when I got my first one off of Cowboy.” Kyle told him.

“What not even off of a teacher or brother or friend?” Blu asked in amazement.

“No way!” Kyle answered, somewhat shocked at the idea of a teacher or brother or friend being able to administer a boy a spanking.

“Man it is time you did!” Blu told him.

“Not right now!” Kyle blurted out, placing his hands behind him to cover and protect his butt.

His reaction made Blu chuckle freely. “Still sore is it?” He asked.

“Yeah too sore!” Kyle confirmed.

“Want to know what is good for a sore behind?” Blu asked the younger lad.

“What?” Kyle asked.

“The feel of water from a fresh cold stream as you dive into it!” Blu announced turning and looking at the stream flowing alongside them.
“Race you!” He suddenly announced. “Last one in gets to go over the other ones knee for a spanking later.”

And with that Blu raced off and dived into the stream. So fast was he that all Kyle saw was Blu’s butt and feet submerging under the water before Kyle had even had a chance to work out what Blu had said.

“Hey! No fair!” Kyle called out as he ran and dived in after Blu.

And Blu was certainly right about the water. Kyle’s reddened hot and sore bottom tingled pleasantly as the cold water pushed over it as he dove under the water.

The afternoon sun beat down on the two boys as they swam together in the stream without a care in the world.

The hand spanking they had just got from Cowboy was his way of telling them that he knew they wanted to get to know each other better and to enjoy each other’s company and they knew it.

Having his permission to buck work for the afternoon and just spend time together made it all much more worth while and seemed to condone their brotherhood somehow.

Whether either of them was actually gay neither of them could tell and to be honest neither were going to ask. Whether they found each other’s naked company attractive and/or appealing was obvious but whether this was part of any gayness could not easily be judged.

After all, how many men can actually say that they haven’t felt some stirring, some reaction at the site of another good looking boy or man naked?

The fact remained that they were both simply enjoying each others company and were playing like children in the stream, having swimming races, play wrestling, ducking each other under the water and simply appreciating each other’s company.

They were simply two adult boys being boys and enjoying being boys.

And there within lays perhaps one of the golden treasures about adults receiving discipline. We live in a world of ever increasing pressure to be self-reliant, strong, hardened and independent. It is a world, is it not, where our children are at best encouraged and at worst taught to grow up all too quickly?

But the security, the acceptance, the sense of belonging and caring that can be gained from having a father or a mother for that matter who is willing to administer a warm bottom when they mess up – yes even when they have grown - is something that so many of our children miss out on.

And for both Kyle and Blu both of who are young adults, that is what their licking at the hands (or strap) of Cowboy had been all about.

They had messed up and needed reminding what happened when they did so. Cowboy was their Dad and he loved them and cared for them and by disciplining them, he demonstrated that love whilst at the same time giving them something to think about next time they got tempted to go astray.

And in applying the strap so expertly to their young bottoms that is exactly what he had done. But as for the hand spanking that was something different all together.

It had not been about punishment as much as it had been about freedom. By taking each of them across his knee and delivering and firm but loving and light-hearted hand spanking he had treated them like naughty schoolboys.

It was the attitude of youthfulness that he was looking to impart to them. By treating them as naughty kids, he allowed them to adopt the attitude of kids an in so doing had afforded them the freedom to play like kids.

And playing like kids is exactly what the two boys were doing. And like most kids set free to play they did so to their hearts content and until they both finally climbed out of the stream and pulling the blanket off of the fallen tree trunk laid it out on the grass and there the two of them lay down side by side in the afternoon son.

Neither one spoke as they lay their soaking up the sun on their young adult bodies. Blu laying on his back his face to the sun bathing in its rays. Whilst Kyle on the other hand lay on his front with his back and bottom soaking up the sun.

Happy and safe in each other’s company, both boys fell asleep and lay there, dozing contentedly.

So much so that when Blu finally did awake he did so to find Kyle’s still sleeping on his front his bottom in the air, his face turned sideways facing him and with his arm now lying around Blu’s waist.

Reaching out with his hand, Blu pulled a long piece of grass out from the ground and being careful not to move his body too much reached over with it and started tickling the end of Kyle’s nose.

The reaction that this induced from Kyle was his dragging his arm from around Blu’s waist and slowly reaching up to scratch his nose before returning his arm to its original position around Blu’s naked waist.

Blu could not help chuckling to himself at the fun of his new younger brother’s innocence as the boy’s arm fell warmly once more around his waist. And so he thought he would continue his prank until Kyle woke and that is exactly what he did.

But no matter how much he tickled the younger lads nose with the piece of grass, Kyle refused to wake up and simply reached up scratched his nose and returned his arm around Blu’s waist each time.

“Man he must feel comfortable in my company.” Blu though to himself as he slowly dragged the end of the grass up and down the small of the younger boy’s back. It was an action that created many changes in position from Kyle but each time he still returned to his original position on his front, bum in the air, arm around Blu.

Feeling a little more daring at his young companion’s apparent deep slumber, Blu dragged the end of the blade of grass over the buttocks and then down the crack of his younger brother’s buttocks. Smiling as he traced each curve and contour of the younger boy’s skin.

“I know it’s you doing that!” Kyle announced without even opening his eyes or moving.

“Oh so you ARE awake are you?” Blu asked him.

“Yeah.” Kyle smiled. “Have been ever since you started playing with your grass.”

“My grass or your arse?” Blu chuckled.

“Your grass.” Kyle told him. “But you can keep playing with it if you like.”

“Oh so you like that do you?” Blu asked him.

“I like it when you do it down there.” Kyle admitted his eyes still closed.

“Oh you do, do you?” Blu enquired, laying the piece of grass down on the blanket between them and slowly, very gently now dragging his fingertips over the boy’s bottom.

“Mmm I like that.” Kyle commented with pleasure.

“I am just getting a feel of what I am going to be spanking in a minute.” Blu told him.

“You wish!” Kyle commented still without moving.

“No. I know!” Blu told him.

“But I haven’t done anything wrong!” Kyle complained.

“Who ever told you that you only ever get spanked when you have done something wrong?” Blu asked him, now firmly massaging the younger lads cheeks.

“Why else would you get a spanking?” Kyle asked – somewhat surprised by the suggestion.

“Man you have got a lot to learn!” Blu announced. “Not all spankings are administered out of punishment Kyle.

“They aren’t?” Kyle asked as he rolled onto his side and faced his older brother, whilst bending his arm and resting his head on his hand.

“No way!” Blu exclaimed. “Some spankings are out of punishment, those given out by parents or teachers AND older brothers sometimes when the need arises.” Blu smiled as he added the last part.

“But other spanking can be done playfully, lovingly, romantically or sexually between two lovers or friends or brothers.” He told him.

“I have never had anything like that.” Kyle admitted. “First spanking I ever got was from Dad Cowboy and then the leathering and hand spanking today.” He looked at Blu. “I have either never earned anything else or there has never been anyone else there to give me one.”

“Man you haven’t lived until you have experienced a sensual, sexual spanking!” Blu announced. “But I think it is high time you did.”

“I, I am not sure I am ready for it.” Kyle admitted nervously. “I mean what does it entail, what happens.”

“Man I can’t tell you.” Blu told him. “I mean I could but it would ruin it all for you.” He looked compassionately at the younger lad beside him.

“I tell you what.” He told him. “How about we get dressed and finish off a bit of work and then get off home. It is nearly time to eat anyway.” He looked at the young lad lying beside him.

He could tell from Kyle’s eyes that so much of the younger boy wanted to experience first had what it was that Blu was talking about and that he was a little disappointed that Blu hadn’t pushed the matter any further.

“Don’t worry.” Blu smiled. “Tonight after supper and everything I will walk back up here and wait for you.” He paused and looked at the younger lad to see how he was reacting to the suggestion. “If you really want to experience what I am talking about then you leave and come out here too.”

He smiled softly at Kyle as the younger boy lay there taking everything that he was being told and thinking it over I his mind.

“If you turn up I will take it that you really do want to experience what I am talking about and I will teach you. That way it is up to you.” He placed a comforting hand under the younger lad’s chin and lifted his face slightly so that Kyle was now looking him straight in the eyes.

“Don’t be frightened I won’t hurt you. And don’t feel you have to come. I won’t think any the less of you if you decide not to. It is entirely up to you.”

Kyle smiled at the older brother’s reassurance.

Rolling onto his front, Blu pulled himself up onto his knees before reaching over and applying a firm love tap on Kyle’s naked rear. “But now it is time we were finishing off. Come on little bro, let’s get a little more done before eats.”

Following his older brother’s lead Kyle pulled himself up on his knees before standing up. Watching Blu dress was almost as exciting as watching him undress.

Blu was an exceptionally fit, good looking guy, with a powerful physique that turned Kyle on immensely. He enjoyed his company, being with him made him feel safe, loved and protected somehow. But could he take it to the next stage? Could he be brave enough to venture from purely parental discipline based spankings to something sensual, something sexual? Dare he allow fantasy to really become reality? He just wasn’t sure.

But what ever happened. He did know one thing. The memory of that dinnertime’s shared licking and the afternoon fun and frolics in the stream were not something he was going to forget for a very long time.

Chapter Six - A licking Shared

Chapter Six.

A licking Shared

Having his legs spread apart the way that Cowboy had told him meant that Kyle was unable to clench the cheeks of his butt the way he would have liked to in order to reduce the effect of the strap as it landed across his naked buttocks.

It was a technique that Cowboy used often and had the desired effect in nearly all cases when uses.

The swish of the leather strap pulling through the mid day air was almost lost by the suddenness and impact of it hitting across Kyle’s bottom.

As the straps tail curved it’s way around Kyle’s soft young exposed bottom Kyle could not help but let out a sharp squeal as his whole body jerked forward a little.

The expression on Kyle’s face was one that left Blu in no doubt as to the effectiveness of the impact.

“Man that must have stung.” Blu whispered to his young friend and now brother.

“Just a little!” Kyle remarked through clenched teeth.

But it was a conversation that was to be quickly interrupted as the strap landed once more on the young boy’s bottom.

“Did I tell you not to smoke in the house?” Cowboy’s question was asked with a tone of parental authority and immediately followed the cut of the strap across the lad’s pert bottom.

“Yes! Yes Sir!” Kyle responded immediately.

“Crack!” Came the strap across his bottom once more.

“And were you smoking in the bathroom?” Cowboy asked.

“Yes! Yes Sir!” Again Kyle responded immediately.

“Crack!” The strap landed once more.

“Did you think I was joking when I told you no smoking in the house?” Cowboy asked.

“No. No Sir!” Kyle answered as the tears now welled up in his eyes.

“You’re doing good little bro!” Blu whispered.

But there was no time for Kyle to respond before “CRACK” the strap landed once more.

“Did you think I was saying it for my own amusement?” Cowboy asked.

“NO! No Sir! I screwed up! I’m sorry!” Kyle response was barked out through his obvious pain.

“CRACK!” Again the strap curved its way around Kyle’s pert little bottom.

Blu did his best to hold Kyle’s hands down against the tree as Kyle’s thin, slender body jerked forward one more time.

“And what about your clothes? Are you going to leave them lying around again?” Cowboy asked him.

“No Sir!” Kyle responded his tears now freely flowing.

Pulling the strap through his other hand and then rolling it up into a ball, Cowboy told Kyle he could stand up now.

Standing up Kyle turned and faced Cowboy as the tears streamed down his young face.

“Come on then son.” Cowboy told him.

Stepping out of his shorts and overalls the now naked Kyle picked them up folded them neatly over the tree and then ran to Cowboy. Throwing his arms around Cowboy he got a loving tender hug from his dad.

“You did good son.” Cowboy told him as he held him affectionately. “But you aren’t gonna make those mistakes again in a hurry now are you?”

“No sir.” Kyle chuckled through his tears. “I done learned my lesson good I promise.”

“Ok son.” Cowboy told him rubbing the lad’s bottom a little to ease the stinging. “Now you get to have our fantasy filled.

“Blu.” Cowboy called to his other son.

“Yes Cowboy?” Blu answered him.

“Now it is your turn son.” Cowboy told him. “Come this side of the trunk and adopt the position.”

Without comment, Blu stood up and walked around the near side of the fallen tree trunk and measuring his stance stepped back a little before bending over and placing his hands on the tree. Once in position he spread his legs out, the way he had always been taught.

“Ok son.” Cowboy turned his attention to Kyle. “Get your brother ready for me.”

The look of sheer delight on Kyle’s face at the thought of stripping cowboy was obvious and he needed no second invitation to lend a hand.

Walking over to Blu, Kyle pushed his hands around Blu’s waist and with finger and thumb fumbled with the Blu’s jeans button as he undid it.

Pulling at the hem of Blu’s tight gray sweat stained t-shirt Kyle pulled it up and over Blu’s head.

“Shall I take it off?” kyle asked, looking over at Cowboy.

“Yes. Take it off please.” Cowboy told him.

Kyle dutifully obeyed before reaching down once more and fumbling with the zipper of Blu’s jeans it before pulling his jeans down to Blu’s ankles.

To Kyles delight and amazement, Blu wasn’t wearing any shorts or underwear and the sight of Blu’s pert naked curvaceous bottom
Sent a flow of blood to Kyle’s penis sending it to a full-blown erection in seconds.

“I told you he had a cute butt didn’t I?” Cowboy smiled as he noticed Kyle’s excitement.

“Yes Sir!” Kyle answered as he stepped back and admired the site before him. “And you were sure right!”

Cowboy smiled and had but they been able to see it a smile of satisfaction and pride grew across Blu’s face as he heard their comments about his physique.

Bending down Kyle picked up Blu’s discarded clothing, folded them and laid them on the tree trunk next to his.

“Ok Son. Come and stand over here out of the way.” Cowboy told Kyle, gesturing to a place nearby him but out of the way of his swing.

Doing as he was told Kyle walked to the spot Cowboy had pointed out and stood there waiting, his hand down in front of him covering his excitement.

“It is no good trying to hide that.” Cowboy told him. “It is too late for that and I suggest you put your hands on your head to stop you from getting tempted to play with it whilst I am seeing to Blu here.”

Cowboy turned and faced Kyle as the lad obediently placed his hand on his head.

“That way you won’t find yourself over the tree for another session.” Cowboy warned him.

“No Sir.” Kyle responded.

Turning his attention to Blu, Cowboy unraveled the strap and let it dangle in his powerful hand as he spoke to Blu.

“Well then son.” He told him. “I am not going to discuss everything about your behavior. You and I are going to discuss that later, but since you knew why Kyle was getting his licking it is only fair that Kyle knows why you are getting yours.”

“Yes sir.” Blu answered, his butt still up in the air in readiness.

“This lickin is for your not having kept in touch as much as you promised me you would. Understood?”

“Yes Sir. Sorry Sir.” Blu answered.

Cowboy pulled the strap back into the air as he raised his arm in readiness.

“Crack!” The strap cut across Blu’s pert curvaceous bottom, causing blu to jerk a little with the impact,

“If you tell me you are going to do something.” Cowboy started.

“Crack!” The strap fell once more.

“Then I expect you to keep your word.” Cowboy finished his sentence.

“Crack!” Again the strap fell as if to punctuate Cowboy’s statement,

“Yes Sir! Sorry Sir!” Blu responded as his body jerked once more.

“Crack!” The strap fell.

“I love you son and I want you to always know that I care about you!” Cowboy continued.

“Crack!” The strap curved its way around Blu’s bottom leaving red tracer marks as he landed.

“And when I don’t hear from you I worry about you!” Cowboy added.

“Crack!” Again the strap cut.

“Sorry sir I messed up!” Blu admitted.

The whole sight of Blu’s licking excited Kyle beyond belief as each crack of the strap across the pert curvaceous bottom exposed before him sent throbs of excitement surging down Kyle’s body and into his erection.

“CRACK!” The strap fell and the “CRACK!” it fell again stronger and faster each time it landed.

“You know better than this.” Cowboy told Blu as he applied the licking to the lad’s reddened rump.

“CRACK!” “CRACK!” “CRACK!” Again and again the strap cut as the speed of the licking intensified once more.

Blu’s eyes reddened and filled with water as the leather strap made its marks upon his young bottom.

“Yes Sir! Sorry Sir!” Blu yelped as the strap repeatedly fell.

“Ok son!” Cowboy finally told him as he pulled the strap through his hand and rolling it into a ball placed it once more in the glove compartment of his truck. “That will do you for now.”

Standing up Blu stretched a little before pushing his hands behind him to rub his buttocks.

“I wouldn’t!” Cowboy barked before Blu could actually touch his cheeks. “You know better than that.”

Turning and facing Cowboy Blu apologized for his momentary lapse of concentration before walking over and getting a hug from cowboy.

“You see Kyle.” Cowboy turned and faced the lad as he held Blu affectionately. “One of the rules is that you are not allowed to rub your butt until I say the punishment is over. And doing so would earn you the same punishment all over again.”

“WOW.” Kyle exclaimed, wishing he too could be holding Blu.

“Go stand next to your brother and you can both turn and face the other way so I can admire my handy work.” Cowboy told the two boys.

As Blu went and stood next to Kyle the two boys turned and faced the other way, there hands on their heads, the bodies, stretched and the red hot buttocks cooling in the wind.

Going to the back of his truck, Cowboy pulled out a flask of coffee and some sandwiches that he had made and poring three mugs of coffee laid the coffee mugs and sandwiches out on a blanket on the tree trunk.

“Ok boy’s, punishment’s over, come and get some dinner.” He told them.

The two boys lowered their hands turned and ran over to him and eagerly took their coffee and sandwiches and started eating them.

“You sure you boys wouldn’t rather sit and eat?” Cowboy asked.

“No Sir!” Kyle and Blu answered in unison as they reached down and rubbed their bottoms. “We’ll stand if you don’t mind.

The rest of the dinner break was spent in happy chatter, the two boys standing naked in front of Cowboy except for the socks and working boots that they were still wearing.

It was a warm pleasant time and Kyle loved the way that Cowboy was able to keep the discipline to the discipline times and be totally relaxed and loving throughout it all, even when he was being strict.

“Ok boys.” Cowboy told them once the food and drink had all been finished.

Just put these mugs and flask and things in the back of my truck and then come back over here.

Doing as they were told Blu and Kyle collected everything up, put them into the back of Cowboy’s truck and then came back and stood in front of cowboy as he sat waiting on the fallen tree trunk.

Reaching out Cowboy took Blu by the wrist and then skilfully pulled the lad’s naked body across his lap.

Placing his hand in the small of blu’s back he raised his hand and then delivered a firm but loving spanking to blu’s naked red bottom.
Blue did not argue or fight and took the light spanking without argument.

Once delivered Cowboy pulled Blu to his feet and then took Kyle over his lap and delivered the same spanking to his naked red buttocks.

Satisfied that both boys had received the same and that both of their bottoms were now suitably reddened and warmed, Cowboy smiled and stood up.

“What was that for Dad?” Kyle asked, unable to understand why they had both been spanked once more and why the spanking whilst firm had by no means been harsh.

“That was for not working hard this afternoon and for shirking your responsibilities.” Cowboy smiled. “And for spending the afternoon playing and skinny-dipping with each other instead of fixing fences.”

Both boys smiled at each other as Cowboy gave them a hug and then returning to his truck drove off.

“Have fun boys!” Cowboy called out to them as he drove off.

Chapter Five - Blu Arrives

Chapter Five.

Blu Arrives

Opening his eyes, Kyle turned his face away from the early morning light cascading in from his bedroom window.

“Man I slept good!” He muttered to himself as he raised his arms above his head to stretch.

The inviting smell of fried bacon, tomatoes and corn dogs wafted its way into his bedroom telling him that he had to get up and dressed quickly so as not to miss breakfast.

Pulling the cotton bed sheet off of himself he quickly got out of bed and pulled his socks and clean dungarees on fastening them as he walked down the wooden staircase to the lounge below.

Brushing his hair with his fingers he entered the kitchen to be met by Cowboy and a stranger. The stranger was sat at the kitchen table, cell phone to his ear and a plate of food before him.

“Morning.” Kyle yawned, as he entered the kitchen.

“Morning son.” Cowboy greeted him cheerfully. “You were cutting it fine this morning son.” It was more of a friendly statement than a question and Kyle knew it.

“Yeah, Sorry Sir.” Kyle responded. “I slept real good last night.

Sitting down opposite the stranger Kyle simply nodded a greeting not wishing to interrupt his telephone conversation.

As Kyle poured himself a cup of coffee and waited patiently for Cowboy to serve up his breakfast, Kyle studied the stranger before him.

He was a thin but rugged looking guy, his ruggedness seeming to somehow try to hide the boyish looks that were obviously there. Despite these, Kyle placed him as being around 35 or 36 years of age and someone who obviously kept himself in good shape.

As the stranger stood up and walked to the side and grabbed a pen in order to write something down, Kyle looked him over some more.

The grey t-shirt he was wearing was tight but not restrictive. The stone washed blue jeans held snugly around the strangers waste and had cuts or tears in the exposed an inviting amount of bare skin. But the thing that appealed most to Kyle was the stranger’s cute, tight, jean clad butt.

Replacing the pen, shutting off his cell phone and returning to his seat at the kitchen table, the stranger reached over to greet Kyle.

“Sorry about that Dad.” He said glancing over at Cowboy. “I promised the boss I would do a pick up whilst I was in the area.” Reaching out his powerful looking hand towards Kyle, the stranger smiled and winked. “Hi Bro, I’m Blu. Nice to meet you.”

“Oh Hi,” Kyle responded, taking Blu’s hand and shaking it. “I wondered if you were. I heard you were arriving.”

“Yeah, I heard you were pleased I was coming.” Blu answered a broad smile breaking as he spoke. “Glad I could be of some service to you.”

“Oh man.” Kyle exclaimed, looking at Cowboy. “You told him!”

“He’s your brother now.” Cowboy told Kyle, placing a big plate of food in front of the boy. “And besides, seeing as how you are soon both going to share a whupin I reckon he had a right to know why.”

“Yes sir.” Kyle answered, a little embarrassed at the thought of Cowboy describing Kyle’s shower session the night before.

Within minutes, Cowboy, Blu and Kyle were tucking into their breakfasts as Kyle and Blu got to know each other a little better,

“You and Blu will drive up to the top field and fix the fences today Kyle.” Cowboy announced.

“Ok Cool.” Kyle answered. “How long you staying for Blu?” He asked, turning his attention to his new brother.

“Well that’s up to Cowboy really.” Blu answered. “I would like to stay around for three or four days if that is ok Dad?” He asked.
“You’re welcome for just as long as you want to stay son, you know that.” Cowboy reassured him as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

“Thanks Dad.” Came Blu’s cheerful reply as he finished his coffee.

“Ok lil bro, I’m going to go load up the truck whilst you finish your breakfast.” Blu smiled, standing up and putting his baseball styled cap on.

“No problem.” Kyle answered. “Be right with you.” And with that Blu left the kitchen, leaving through the back door.

“Well, what do think?” Cowboy asked Kyle.

“Yeah, he seems real nice.” Kyle told him. “He’s older than I thought he would be. But he is real cute.” Kyle smiled.

“Yeas he is that.” Cowboy agreed. “And he is a great son with it.”

“Cowboy?” Kyle looked at his new Dad. “Have you decided when you are going to do it?”

“Do what son?” Cowboy asked. He knew exactly what Kyle meant but making him ask just added to the whole anticipation he knew the boy was already feeling.

“Y, you know.” Kyle answered. “Giving us our whuppin.”

“Yes I have.” Cowboy answered. “But if you think I am going to tell you when it is going to be, you don’t know me very well.” Cowboy smiled at Kyle.

“But Cowboy!” Kyle started to plead. But Cowboy was having none of it and stopped him in the middle of complaining.

“Listen son.” Cowboy interrupted him. “All you know is you have a whuppin coming to you and that you are going to get it alongside your older brother out there.” Cowboy gestured towards Blu outside loading up the truck.

“Exactly when you are getting it and what kind of whuppin you are going to get, you just don’t know.” He told him firmly. “And anticipating it is all part of you understanding what you have done wrong and why it is important to try and behave in future.”

Kyle stood up and took his now empty dishes to the sink.

“I best get on Dad.” He announced, deciding that there was no way Cowboy was going to change his mind and tell him. And with that he left the kitchen to go and help Blu.

“All loaded up?” Kyle asked as he got outside.

“Just one more roll of fence wire there, to go bro.” Blu smiled, pointing at a nearby roll of wire.

Looking to see where Blu was pointing, Kyle walked over and carefully lifting the wire placed it on the back of the truck.

As he did so, Blu could not help but admire Kyle’s figure. “Man I am going to enjoy working with you.” Blu told Kyle as he eyed him up and down.

Kyle simply smiled before climbing into the passenger side of the truck.

All loaded up and now both in the truck Blu drove it up to the top field and to the broken fences there.

It wasn’t long before Blu had explained what needed doing and he and Kyle were busy working away stretching fence wire together and nailing it to the posts.

It was good honest work in pleasant company and Kyle was enjoying the morning with great zeal as he heard the sound of Cowboy’s powerful truck approaching across the lower fields.

“Looks like dad’s here with dinner.” Blu announced as he lifted his hat and wiped the sweat from his brow.

“Great!” Kyle responded. “I am famished!”

“Yep we have certainly worked up an appetite.” Blu agreed, and with that the two young men walked over to greet cowboy as he got out of his truck.

“Well boy’s,” Cowboy greeted them as he looked around the fencing and then back at the two young men before him. “Looks like you have both been working up a sweat before dinner.”

“Sure have Dad.” Blu agreed.

“Yes Sir.” Kyle agreed a little more formally.

“Good, then it is time I did the same.” Cowboy smiled as he reached into his truck and opening the glove compartment pulled out a thick leather belt from within.

“Before dinner dad?” Blu asked.

“Yes son.” Cowboy told him. “Before dinner. Now get over there to the fallen tree.”

“Yes sir.” Blu answered without any further argument.

“And you Son.” Cowboy nodded to young Kyle.

Without comment, Kyle looked around and seeing that Blu was obediently walking over towards a big old fallen tree down by the stream, dutifully followed him.

Reaching the tree, Blu stopped and then stood before it with his hands down by his side as he awaited further instructions from cowboy.

Not really sure what to do but not wishing to do anything to land himself in more trouble Kyle walked to Blu’s side and stood there in almost the same pose.

“Right then son.” Cowboy looked at Kyle. “Bend over, put your hands on the tree, put your feet apart and stick that butt of yours up in the air ready for me.”

Kyle looked nervously at Blu and then did as he was told.

“Blu.” Cowboy looked at him once Kyle was bent over the tree trunk. “You can get him ready for me.”

Doing as he was told with a smile of sheer joy on his face, Blu walked over to the now bent Kyle and slowly and carefully undid the buttons on his overalls before carefully and slowly pulling them down the young man’s sweaty body until they reached his ankles.

“Ok son.” Cowboy then announced as he came up along side Blu. “You can help him stay in position.”

And with that Blu walked around the back of the tree and squatting down, knelt in front of Kyle holding his arms by the wrists and pinning his hand firmly against the rough bark of the tree.

Blu’s position in front of the prostrated boy before him gave him an excellent view of the lad’s manhood which rose to full glory at the very sight of Blu kneeling there holding him as he waited for the first crack of the strap.

“Mmm.” Blu whispered to Kyle. “I can see you are excited.”

“Only cause you are here.” Kyle whispered back through clenched teeth.

“Well, let see how long you can keep that up once Dad starts on your rear.” Blu chuckled.

“Oh Man!” Kyle exclaimed. “Why do I get the feeling this is gonna be a licking I am not going to forget in a hurry.”

“Because you aren’t!” Blu told him. “But don’t worry. He only does it cause he cares.”

“I know.” Kyle told him. “But try telling that to my butt.”

“Maybe I will.” Blu Smiled. “Brace yourself! Here it comes.” He quickly added as he noticed Cowboy lift the strap high into the air as he pulled back his arm in readiness to apply the first lick to the young lad’s waiting rump.

Chapter Four - A Fantasy Revisited

Chapter Four.

A fantasy revisited.

“Kyle!” Cowboy called out as he rang the dinner bell. I say bell, but it was actually a metal triangle that hung on the porch. “Come on Son! It’s time to get washed up for eats!”

“Come on Son!” Cowboy’s words echoed through Kyle’s thoughts. He could not remember the last time anyone called him son. Neither could he remember ever feeling the way he felt right now as a result of those three little words.

Kyle wiped the sweat off of his forehead with his forearm. Stabbed the pitchfork into a bail of hay and started off towards the house.

Arriving at the house Kyle sat on the swing chair and wearily pulled off his boots before standing and entering the house.

“Hi Son.” Cowboy greeted him. “Meal’s nearly ready, why don’t you go grab a shower and freshen up I will come get you when it is ready.”

“Yes Sir,” Kyle answered him.

Ever since his arrival Kyle had been polite, courteous and easy to get along with but now there was a new somehow different respect both his words and his voice and it was a respect that Cowboy determined to nurture.

Going upstairs Kyle went into the bathroom and turned the shower. Sliding open the bathroom window he looked out into early evening sun and smelt the air. It smelt good, fresh, clean and somehow pure.

Placing his hand into his dungaree pocket he pulled out a packet of tobacco, some cigarette papers and a book of matches. Leaning out of the window he slowly rolled himself a smoke before lighting up and taking a deep breath inhaling the nicotine flavored smoke deep into his lungs.

The smoke bit into his lungs causing his to cough sharply as he realized this was the first smoke he had had since he arrived at the ranch. “Why was that? He was 18! He could smoke if he wanted! Couldn’t he?” The thoughts and questions flowed through his mind as if somehow lubricated by the nicotine.

Stubbing what was left of his cigarette out on the bathroom window ledge, Kyle pulled his head from the open window closed the window, turned exhaled his last breath of smoke and turned his attention back to the matter at hand, that of getting his shower.

Sitting on a small white painted wooden chair he reached down and pulled off his socks before standing and wearily unbuttoning his dungarees and letting them slip to the floor,

Within minutes his tired, naked young body was in the bathtub and under the hot refreshing jet of shower water cascading over him. Reaching out, he grabbed the bar of soap from the soap dish and rubbing it in his now sore and slightly blistered hands made a thick lather.

Replacing the soap in the dish he pulled the thick scented lather up his arm and up under his chin lifting his face upwards towards the jet of water. Man it felt good. Slowly and sensually he rubbed the thick scented lather into his soft skin. His eyes closed, his mind a million, million thoughts away.

Eyes still closed he reached out and fumbled for the soap once more before dragging it softly across his stomach. It felt good. Real good. Heck he felt good. Real good.

Eyes still closed he guided the bar of soap down the washboard ripples of his stomach muscles. Pulling one arm up and cupping his hand behind his neck, Kyle pulled the bar of soap up and down over his stomach muscles and his now taught soft flesh.

The bar of soap held firmly in the 18-year-old boy’s hand felt so good as it glided over his taught tender skin. “There is nothing more rewarding after a full day’s work then a nice hot shower and a good lathering.” Kyle thought to himself.

Shaking his head before taking his soap free hand and wiping the excess water from his face. Kyle opened his eyes. The reflection of himself in the bathroom mirror caught his eye and he could not help but admire his young but muscular body.

As if without thinking, his hand reached down and slid over his buttocks as he gazed at their warm red glow in the mirror.

“Man Cowboy had made an impression on me!” Kyle thought to himself as he turned his back towards the mirror to reveal more of his glowing globes.

As he stood there admiring his reddened butt, his soap filled hand slipped down to his groin as he gently lathered his genitals and penis, “man that feels good he thought to himself, his eyes closing as he continued massaging his expanding manhood.

He had never ever before been spanked. But even so it was not a subject that was totally new to him. Growing up he had heard many a tale from school chums of how their parents had spanked and paddled them.

Each and every story had increased his interest and fascination and the sheer thought of seeing someone getting their butt spanked was something that had always stirred a very strong reaction in his loins.

That was all it took. The bar of soap splashed to the floor of the bath tub as Kyle stood there proud and erect, working the lather into his throbbing rod.

If the glow of his own butt was anything to go by Cowboy was planning on putting a fire in Blu’s tail tomorrow and that was something that Kyle not only found intriguing but also very, very sexy.

“What was it the Cowboy had said?” He thought to himself. “Yeah that’s it. If you had been one of my boys from the start you would have found yourself over my knee and receiving hand spanking and then straight into the barn for a leathering with the belt or strap.”

“Man that is something I would pay good money to see!” Kyle thought to himself as he pumped his throbbing rod harder and harder.

He had no idea what Blu looked like and all he really knew about him was that he was an adult. But somehow that didn’t seem to matter as Kyle pictured the scene.

“There Blu was, in the barn, his naked body bent double over a pile of haystacks, his pert curvaceous buttocks raised up ready and waiting for the sting of Cowboy’s belt.”

Kyle moaned as the scene unfolded in his imagination.

“Cowboy was standing there, pulling his thick leather belt from the loops of his jeans, doubling it into a sinister and effective looking punishment tool.

Blu’s pert curvaceous buttock clenched as if involuntarily at the sound of Cowboy cracking the two halves of the leather belt against each other.

Then came the lecture as Cowboy scolded Blu for his recent behavior. And so the lecture continued as Cowboy rolled up the sleeve of his denim shirt.”

The more Kyle played the scene in his mind, the more powerful the throbbing of his erection became. And so the lathering stopped as Kyle gripped his throbbing rod in his fingers, His eyes still closed his face turned once more upwards to the jet of water cascading upon him. Kyle was lost in a world of fantasy and eroticism that seemed somehow only heightened by his own recent experience.

“Walking over to the naked and waiting Blu, Cowboy pushed the lad’s feet further apart until his legs were fully separated increasing the pertness of Blu’s cheeks.

Out of the corner of his eye Blu spied the thick leather belt swinging gently but menacingly to cowboy’s side. I t was like a rattler waiting to snap out its venom upon him.

Ready Boy? Cowboy asked as he pulled back his strong powerful arm in readiness for the first lash.

“Yes Sir!” Blu obediently responded as he braced himself for the first fiery impact.

And then it came the suppleness of the thick leather snaking its way across the curved cheeks of the waiting Blu. And as leather met naked skin Blu’s cheeks seemed to raise involuntarily as it spat out its pain filled bite.”
And imagination gave rise to jerking. And the jerking continued becoming synchronized with each crack of the belt that fell upon Blu’s pert tender buttocks in the young lads mind.

And the more the belt fell the more and more Kyle pumped his throbbing rod. Kyle’s moans now flowed freely as a verbal release of the self -satisfying ecstasy. Each firmly grasped pump on his ever throbbing rod seemed somehow to generate yet another lash across Blu’s buttocks in Kyle’s mind.

And pretty soon Kyle’s mental picture show displayed an ever increasing and ever faster thrashing as the lashed became faster and faster on Blu’s buttocks as Kyle pumping became faster and faster.

“Man Blu!” Kyle gasped as his juices shot out of his red exploding rod. “Some butt man and some beating you can take.”

“Yes it is and yes he can!” Cowboy agreed.

“Cowboy!” Kyle exclaimed, turning nervously to see Cowboy standing in the bathroom doorway through the water that flowed down his face. Instantly Kyle’s face reddened to a shade almost as red as the rod still in his hand now growing rapidly softer.

“I, I, I didn’t see you there.” Kyle stuttered out nervously.

“Well that is fairly obvious.” Cowboy smiled. “I came up to see what was taking you so long. But you had your mind and hands on other things.”

Kyle lowered his head in shame. “I, I couldn’t help it.” Kyle tried somehow to explain. “I just got to thinking about Blu coming tomorrow and your giving him a thrashing for his behavior.”

“And you got excited just thinking about it.” Cowboy added as he entered the bathroom and grabbed a large bath towel.

“Well yes, I guess I.” Kyle started but Cowboy stopped him in mid sentence.

“It’s ok.” Cowboy reassured him. “It is the most natural thing in the world for you to be interested even intrigued and sexually stimulated by the thought of seeing someone getting a thrashing from their dad.”

“It is?” Kyle asked turning off the shower and stepping out of the bathtub into the towel that Cowboy was holding up to wrap around the boy.

“Yes it is.” Cowboy reassured him, pulling the boy in front of him as he sat down in the white painted wooden chair and briskly rubbing him dry.

“So, so, I am not in trouble then?” Kyle asked Cowboy.

“For masturbating,” Cowboy answered as he turned Kyle around so he could rub his back dry. “No it is a perfectly natural thing to do.”

Kyle looked a little relieved.

“But for doing it when you should have been washing up for dinner. YES!” Crack! Cowboy’s hand landed firmly across the boy’s naked wet buttocks as Kyle let out a sharp ouch!

“Now tell me something son.” Cowboy continued, turning Kyle around to face him. “And you had better be honest son.”

Kyle lowered his head, as he stood naked in front of his new father. “Yes Sir?”

“Have you been smoking in here?” Cowboy asked, a tone of firm authority in his voice.

“No not really Sir,” Kyle answered. “I leaned out of the window.”

“So the answer is yes then.” Cowboy told him. “You were in here and you were smoking!”

“Umm yes sir.” Kyle agreed a little reluctantly.

“And just what were you fantasizing about son?” Cowboy asked him. “And again you had better be honest.”

“It, it was about seeing you leathering Blu.” Kyle answered nervously.

“I figured as much.” Cowboy told him, looking up at the boy’s somewhat embarrassed face.

“Well son.” He continued. “Tomorrow your fantasy becomes a reality.

“It, it does?” Kyle exclaimed, trying hard to contain his excitement.

“Oh yes.” Cowboy smiled. “Tomorrow you will get to see me put a sting in Blu’s tail.” Cowboy studied the reaction on Kyle’s face.
“After all.” He continued. “It’s only fair since he is going to get to see me put a sting in your tail. For Smoking in doors and for leaving your dirty clothes laying around.”

Kyle’s hands instinctively reached back and covered his butt cheeks.

“Yes sir.” The boy answered.

“Ok Son, I want you to dry off and get dressed and then come downstairs for Dinner. I am going down to dish it up.” Cowboy instructed. “And if you are not down in five minutes you better bring a strap.”

Cowboy smiled at the lad and turned to walk out of the bathroom. “Oh yes. And put those dirty clothes where they belong!” He instructed.

Reaching down Kyle picked up his dirty clothes and deposited them in the laundry hamper before continuing to dry him self off.

Once dry Kyle paused momentarily to look at his young slender body in the bathroom mirror. “I wonder just what Blu is like?” He asked himself. “And I wonder how he is going to take to me?”

Kyle’s eyes looked down to the reflection of his tight little bottom and the bright red hand print showing on the pinkened canvas of his cheeks so skilfully prepared earlier by Cowboy.

“Well at least he is going to get to see my best side.” Kyle chuckled to himself as he left the bathroom to dress for dinner.

Chapter Three - Kyle's First Lesson

Chapter Three.

Kyle’s First Lesson.

At first, Cowboy said nothing in response to Kyle’s revelation. He was thinking and Kyle knew it.

“Do you think you can handle it?” Cowboy finally asked, “I mean it. It is not a game. When I take a boy on I make a very firm and sincere commitment to him and it needs the same in return. When I give my word I mean it and I never go back on it.”

“I don’t know.” Kyle answered. “ I know I need it and I want it and I am willing to do my very best to learn and I will accept what ever rules or conditions you put in place. But I have never had a whuppin so I just don’t know how much I could take.”

Cowboy admired the lad’s honesty, and could not ask any more than what Kyle had just promised.

Again cowboy thought for a moment or two before speaking up. “Ok, here’s the deal.” Cowboy announced. “You have admitted that since you arrived here you have been lazy a few times and have been both messy and untidy.”

“Yes I have.” Kyle volunteered.

Cowboy continued. “And it is obvious from what you have just told me and from our talks before that you regret a lot of what you have done wrong in the past before you came here.” Cowboy looked at Kyle. “And it is obvious to me that you are still carrying a lot of guilt and remorse over it?”

Kyle said nothing, but nodded his agreement with what Cowboy had said and continued looking nervously at his feet.

“So here is what we will do.” Cowboy continued. Since you already deserve to have your tail well and truly warmed for what you have done since you arrived here, I will warm it for you.”

Kyle’s reaction was a picture. The minute Cowboy’s words had left his lips Kyle looked up at Cowboy in nervous shock.

“Nervous?” Cowboy asked the lad.

“Um Y.yes a bit.” Kyle answered. “But not enough to make me not want to go through with it.”

“Good.” Cowboy responded. “I am going to make it easy on you.”

“You are?” Kyle asked, not sure what Cowboy had in mind.

“Yes.” Cowboy answered. “If you had been one of my boys from the start you would have found yourself over my knee and receiving hand spanking and then straight into the barn for a leathering with the belt or strap.”

Again Cowboy studied Kyle’s reactions.

“But, but you aren’t going to do that?” Kyle asked, not really sure whether he was grateful or somehow disappointed.

“Oh, you will get both don’t you worry.” Cowboy answered. “If you are really serious about wanting to become one of my boys that is.” But I am going to give you a chance to really think about your commitment.” Cowboy noticed the look of confusion on Kyle’s face.

“Kyle I really do believe you are serious in wanting it. But going over across my lap, having your but bared and receiving a good hard spanking may change your mind…”

Kyle listened carefully to what he was being told.

“So I am going to give you a little break in between the spanking and the leathering. And in the mean time you can think carefully about whether you still want my help.”

“Yes sir, thank you.” Kyle replied.

“Ok then let us get on with it.” Cowboy announced as he sat upright on the bail he was sitting on and patted his lap.

“You mean right now?” Kyle blurted out, as he stood up, somewhat more nervous now then ever.

“Any reason why not?” Cowboy asked.

“Um no.” Kyle answered, his feet shuffling nervously in the dirt.

“Right then. Come here then lad.” Cowboy instructed him, not seeing the need to discuss the matter further.

Not really knowing what to do with himself or his hands for that matter, Kyle put his hands in his dungaree pockets and walked slowly over and stood in front of where Cowboy was now sitting upright and waiting.

Reaching out Cowboy took Kyle by the wrist and gently led him to his side, “Ok son, undo those straps and get over my lap.”

Trembling ever so slightly Kyle reached up and undid the straps of his work dungarees. As he did so, the front of them fell down revealing his firm and well-defined abs.

Taking the lad by the top of his arm, Cowboy gently pulled him down across his lap. Resigned to his impending discipline, Kyle offered no comment or resistance and simply moved compliantly as Cowboy then undid the side buttons of the lad’s dungarees so that he could lower them without restriction.

Placing a strong arm around the lad’s middle Cowboy then lifted him slightly as he placed the fingers of his other hand under the lad’s waistband and lowered his dungaree’s pulling them down to his ankles.

Like a young deer caught in the headlights of a passing car, Kyle lay there frozen not sure how to react. He had heard many a tale of boy’s being spanked by their fathers and had often wondered what it felt like but he had never imagined he would.

Moving his own knee and adjusting Kyle’s posture he positioned the lad so that his pert tight curvaceous bottom was just right for maximum impact.

“If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well.” Cowboy commented as he rolled up the sleeve to his shirt.

Instinctively Kyle clenched the cheeks of his butt. He had no idea what made him do so as he had never before been spanked but somehow something told him to do so.

Tucking Kyle’s left arm underneath his now almost naked body, Cowboy reached over and grabbing the lad’s right arm by the wrist pinned it firmly in the small of the boy’s back.

Kyle was pinned in place and he knew it. He had never before though about how strong Cowboy may or may not be, but judging from the hold he now had on him, Kyle had no doubt that Cowboy was very strong indeed and the effect that this strength would have on his virgin bottom had not escaped his attention.

“Right then son,” Cowboy announced. “Time for the first part of your first lesson.” And with that he brought his big strong powerful had firmly down across Kyle’s white butt cheeks.

Kyle’s whole body jerked with the force and surprise of the impact and his legs kicked out involuntarily, freeing the dungarees from his ankles.

“Don’t worry son.” Cowboy laughed. “There are plenty more of those to come.” And within moments his hand impacted on the virgin cheeks once more.

The lecture that Cowboy delivered to Kyle about self-discipline, laziness, untidiness and respect lasted about 10 or so minutes with every other word being punctuated by the force of Cowboy’s strong calloused hand reigning down on Kyle’s bottom impacting each cheek alternately.

“Laziness and untidiness (SLAP) shows a lack (SLAP) of respect (SLAP) for yourself (SLAP) and for me!” (SLAP)

Kyle’s naked body now writhed and squirmed under Cowboy’s powerful hold and his legs kicked out more and more as his butt cheeks began to glow under the force of the spanking he was receiving.

“And respect (SLAP) is one (SLAP) of the first (SLAP) lessons (SLAP) that my boys (SLAP) are taught. (SLAP). Are you (SLAP) learning boy?” (SLAP) Cowboy demanded.

“Yes.” Kyle called out between his moans and groans and exclamations of pain.

“Yes what?” (SLAP) Cowboy barked at the lad as he delivered yet another resounding slap to the boys now blazing cheeks

“Yes Sir.” Kyle responded through his tears, realising his mistake without even having to think about it.

“So (SLAP) you are learning? (SLAP) Re you?” (SLAP) Cowboy enquired forcefully.

“Yes Sir.” Kyle answered immediately.

“I can’t hear you.” (SLAP) Cowboy barked.

“YES SIR I AM LEARNING SIR.” Kyle quickly responded now sobbing freely.

Cowboy’s hand came to rest on the lad’s fiery cheeks. And there it rested before slowly and gently stroking them in a circular motion. As Kyle lay there sobbing, he felt Cowboy’s grip loosen. But Kyle did not move from his position, for fear that to do so would get him into trouble and earn him some more spanks.

“Ok son. You can stand up now.” Cowboy told the sobbing lad across his lap.

Slowly and carefully Kyle raised his weakened body off of cowboy’s lap and he stood before Cowboy his eyes streaming with tears, his face red and flush with heat. His butt cheeks much redder and much hotter.

Cowboy stood up and took the young lad into his arms and held him lovingly.

“Ok Son. It is finished.” He told him gently. “You took it well. I am proud of you.”

“Th, Thank you Sir.” Kyle spluttered through his now reducing sobs.

Cowboy continued holding the lad for some time whilst the sobs and then the tears subsided and ended.

“Well lad.” Cowboy pulled slightly away from Kyle and placed his hands on the boy’s arms. “Your first ever spanking. How do you feel?”

Kyle thought for a moment and then placing his hands on his now fiery butt cheeks. “My butt is truly on fire sir.” He answered. “But I feel good about myself.”

“And it is a good feeling isn’t it son?” Cowboy commented.

“Yes Sir.” He answered. “Yes it does.”

“Good.” Cowboy answered. “Still want to be one of my boys?”

“Yes Sir I do.” Kyle answered. “Now more than ever.”

Cowboy hugged him. “Ok then son. Put your dungarees back on and get back to some more work and I want you to give some serious thought to why it feels good and what you want being one of my boys to do for you.”

Kyle smiled and rubbed his butt before bending down grabbing his dungarees and putting them on. “Yes sir, I will, I promise.”

Cowboy took a handkerchief out of his back pocket, raised his hat and mopped the sweat from his brow before replacing his hat.

“Ok then good lad.” Cowboy smiled. “I will be back later and then you and I will take a trip to the barn.”

Kyle looked at him a look of nervous recollection appearing on his face.

But Cowboy simply smiled and turned and walked away back to the house.

“Like I said before lad. When I take a boy on, I make a very firm and sincere commitment to him and it needs the same in return. When I give my word I mean it and I never go back on it.”

Chapter Two - Belonging

Chapter Two.

A sense of belonging.

Despite his initial reservations, Cowboy had agreed for Kyle to stay on at the ranch for a bit. He liked that lad who after a bath and shave looked even more youthful than Cowboy had imagined when he had first met him.

Cowboy had not been too sure how understanding Kyle would be of the way in which he ran the ranch and of the love and caring and “guidance” that Cowboy offered to his “boys”.

It was this that had been the main reason for his reservations in allowing the lad to stay on at the ranch for a while. But not anticipating any of the boys to visit for a while, he had agreed to Kyle stopping on for a few days and in return Kyle had promised to work hard and help around the ranch.

“And in the main it has worked out well.” Cowboy decided, as he walked towards the barn. “Kyle had proven himself to be a good lad and a hard worker. Well most of the time that is. There have been one or two times when he was prone to bouts of laziness but most of the time I have had no complaints on that score.”

Reaching the side of the house cowboy went over and tidied the log pile a little. Kyle has been asked to chop logs and whilst he had done a fair few he hadn’t really concentrated to hard on stacking them properly. “Yep he is a good worker all right.” Cowboy thought to himself. “But his self discipline and tidiness does tend to be slap dash and too casual to say the least. But I guess that comes down to his youth and upbringing.”

The evenings since Kyle’s arrival had seen many a long and interesting conversation about life, the ranch, cowboy and about Kyle’s past. As the days passed Kyle had opened up more and more and had shared a fair bit about himself with his host Cowboy.

Kyle was 18 and had no family to speak of, his parents having walked out on him many years before. Countless foster homes and institutionalised care placements since then had seemed to make the lad both rootless and somewhat cynical about life. Something that became more and more evident as Kyle shared more and more about his life. But somehow Cowboy saw something deeper and much more positive in the lad.
Maybe it was the lad’s openness with Cowboy or his honesty in the things that he shared. Even when he was sharing how he had more recently resorted to petty stealing and what could only be described as
Male prostitution, in order to survive, Cowboy saw a value and honesty in the lad.

“Yes there was no doubt about it.” Cowboy thought to himself. “He is a good lad who has had little to no chances in life. I will be sorry to see the lad go, but Blu is due tomorrow and whilst I am sure Blu will be ok with Kyle being here, I am not sure how Kyle will respond to Blu’s presence. Especially given the fact that one of the reason’s Blu is coming is for me to deal with his attitude of late.”

“Hi, Cowboy.” Kyle spoke up, bringing Cowboy’s focus back to the present and to the realization that he had now reached the barn.

“Hi Kyle.” Cowboy replied happily. “Working hard I see.” Gesturing to the stack of hail bails that Kyle has moved into the barn.

“Yeah.” Kyle answered. “I like working you know. Keeps me out of trouble and besides I really like it here.” Kyle added. “It’s about the first place I have liked in my life or when I can actually feel wanted.”

“Why is it that no matter how hard things are to do sometimes, something always seems to make it harder!” Cowboy thought. “Like it here then do you?”

“Yeah, I really do.” Kyle answered. “As long as you are happy with me and my work. There is lots to do and I like keeping busy and helping you around the place.”

Cowboy tried to smile casually, not sure how he was going break the news to the lad it was time for him to move on.

“I mean you are happy with me and my work aren’t you Cowboy?” Kyle asked, noticing the slightly uneasy expression on Cowboy’s face. “I mean I kind off assumed you were, judging by the strap on the bathroom door and the fact that my butt has been ok since I got here”

Cowboy smiled. “So you figured if I wasn’t happy with you, you would be feeling my strap huh?” He asked.

Kyle sat on a bail of hay and shuffled his feet a little nervously. “Well let’s face it you are looking after me and you did say you sometimes your boys need a little lesson in good behaviour.”

“So you think of yourself as one of my boys then? Cowboy asked.

“Well no. Not really.” Kyle answered, now looking down at his feet. “I mean that is up to you isn’t it. And anyhow I don’t really know anything about your boys, but I know by the way you talk about them that you love your boys and care for them”

“Yes I do, very much so.” Cowboy answered, “Even when I have to discipline them I only do it because I love and care for them.” Cowboy shot a glance towards Kyle to see what his reaction was.

“They’re lucky to have you.” Kyle commented almost without realising he had done so and then looked up nervously at Cowboy. “I mean I don’t really know what it is like to have someone love and care for you like that.”

“Well my son Blu is arriving tomorrow.“ Cowboy told him. “Maybe you should ask him what it is like.”

“He is?” Kyle asked, looking up at Cowboy. “I mean I have heard you mention him but I don’t really know much about him. Is he nice?”

Cowboy didn’t have time to answer before Kyle corrected himself.

“Uh that was a bit of a stupid question wasn’t it.” He added. “I mean he is your son, you are bound to think he is nice.”

“Well Kyle,” Cowboy replied. “Sadly it doesn’t always work that way.” Cowboy looked over at the young lad before him. “Just because someone is your son, it don’t mean you always like them, and just because someone is your dad it don’t mean they are always good to you.” Cowboy paused a moment whilst watching Kyle’s expression. “But yes I love Blu deeply and heck if I don’t like what he has done I tell him show and is my son and put some fire in his tail for him.”

Cowboy thought for a moment. He was still undecided as to Kyle’s future at the ranch. He liked Kyle and if there was one lad who really needed a loving but firm father’s hand it was Kyle. But would he really want it and accept it?

Cowboy reached down and lifting a water bottle, unscrewed the cap and drank some before offering it to Kyle.

“See that is what I wanted to talk to you about.” Cowboy continued. “One of the reasons Blu is arriving tomorrow, and I don’t think he will mind me telling you this, is because he has been a little silly lately and is in need of a little reminder of what happens when you screw up.”

“Man,” Kyle commented, “sounds like his butt is for it.”

Cowboy didn’t respond to Kyle’s comment but instead went on with what it was he wanted to talk to the lad about.

“See whilst this is a working ranch it is also a kind of home away from home for many of my boys.” Cowboy explained as Kyle listened carefully. “My boys are all adult and are all different ages but they all have one thing in common. They all feel the need for some guidance in their lives.” Cowboy again paused whilst he studied Kyle’s reactions.

“That guidance can be just a bit of advice, a chat or when needed, and trust me it often is, it can mean them getting a real lesson in the consequences of their actions. Even if it means their tails blazing for a while.” Cowboy decided to stop there for a moment or two and let Kyle think about what he was being told.

“But only cause you love them and care for them right?” Kyle asked.

“Yes. Very much so.” Cowboy answered. “So you see, that is why you needed to know. I mean I am happy for you to stay here and I think you really need a place like this, but you need to know and understand what this ranch is all about.”

Cowboy thought for a moment trying to find the words he needed to say what he meant without Kyle feeling unwanted or pushed out.

“My boys have always been at home here. They like it that way and I like it that way. They help around the ranch like you are and if they mess up or are lazy or untidy they get their butt’s warmed for them. No excuses, no arguments and no messing. I am loving but I am also very strict.”

Kyle thought for a moment.

“Well you can’t be all that strict with them.” He looked up at Cowboy. “I mean, if I am honest, I have been lazy several times since I arrived and I know I am one messy beggar when it comes to my room and cleaning up after me.”

Cowboy smiled at the lad’s honesty. “Well yes and if I am honest, there have been several times when you would have found your bare butt well and truly on fire if you had been one of my boys. But since you didn’t come here under those terms and aren’t one of my boys. I didn’t say anything.”

“Wish I was.” Kyle muttered under his breath, too frightened of rejection to say it out loud.

“Sorry?” Cowboy asked. “I don’t think I heard you right?”

Kyle looked down at his feet. “I said I wish I was.” Kyle repeated himself a little louder now that he was committed to repeating himself. As he did so he looked down at his feet.

“Do you mean that?” Cowboy asked him. “I mean really mean it and all that it entails?”

“Well I, I think so.” Kyle answered still nervous of what Cowboy’s reaction might be. “ I mean I have never had a whuppin, so I don’t really know what it is like, but I know I have deserved one often enough. And I know I need help.”

Cowboy studied the young lad as he sat before him.. “Do you seriously want help?” He asked.

Kyle looked up at Cowboy, his eyes searching into Cowboys as if seeking out some indication as to the possibility of this man actually caring enough to adopt him as one of his own boys. “Yes I do.” Kyle answered. “I really mean it. I can’t go on screwing up my life the way I have been. For the first time in my life I have found a place that feels right, that feels like I belong and I don’t want to lose it.”
As Kyle explained how he was feeling Cowboy’s heart warmed more and more to the young lad.

“I mean it. I don’t want to lose this place and I don’t want to lose knowing you and I want what your boys have. I want to be loved and cared for and helped and taught.” Kyle looked down once more. “But it isn’t only that I want it. The fact is I need it and I know I do.”

He shuffled his feet once more. “My whole life before this place has been a mess, and now I have found this place and you I know it is right for me. I need to be here. I need to belong. I need to be taught.”

Chapter One - Kyle

Chapter One.

The Arrival of Kyle.

Coming out onto the porch, Cowboy stood for a moment and just smelt the air. He had been inside working on his books since early morning and it was already mid afternoon. He knew the importance of keeping proper books and had always taught his “boys” to be self-disciplined even when it came to the everyday chores they didn’t like doing.

And Cowboy was very sure of one thing. If he taught it, he had to demonstrate it himself. Even so he was very pleased to be outside in the fresh air and sunshine once more and a smile came across his rugged but friendly face.

Raising his hand to shade his eyes from the sun he looked out across the ranch. It was a quiet afternoon and none of his boys were staying or due to visit that day. “Shame really.” He thought, to himself. “I could do with a bit of company right now.”

It was at this point that his mind thought of Kyle. “Young Kyle.” Cowboy thought to himself. “I still haven’t quite figured that boy out.” Taking a handkerchief out of his back pocket, Cowboy removed his hat, mopped the sweat off of his brow. “Man it is hot today.” He thought.

Placing the handkerchief back in the pocket of his wrangler jeans, adjusting his hat and pulling and his leather belt to raise his jeans slightly, cowboy stepped off of the porch and towards the barn round back.

It had been but a few weeks since Karl first arrived at the ranch and even then he had not arrived in the normal way and no matter how much Cowboy liked the lad, he did not class him as one of his “boys.” Not yet at least.

As Cowboy made his way round to the barn, he thought back to the day that Kyle had arrived.

Cowboy had been down the end of the drive collecting mail when he had noticed a lone figure slowly approaching down the highway. The ranch was isolated and highway not a busy one. Heck seeing a passing car was a fairly rare occurrence let alone seeing a passing hitchhiker.

It was for this reason that Cowboy decided to wait a while and see if the approaching stranger was all right, or if he needed any help. Although too far away for Cowboy to make out his features he could plainly see that he had no bags or luggage with him. “Perhaps his car broke down somewhere.” Cowboy thought to himself.
But by the time this stranger had reached Cowboy and the end of the driveway, Cowboy could see that was in fact a young guy and judging by his dusty clothes and tired, weary posture he had walked a long way.

“Excuse me mate.” The stranger spoke. “Haven’t got any work going have you?”

Cowboy studied the young stranger before him for a second or two. The stranger’s rough looks did not suit the youthful looks that were almost hidden behind the unshaven chin and dusty, dirty clothes.

“I don’t know about any work.” Cowboy replied gently, but it looks to me like you could do with a bath some hot food and a place to bunk down for the night?” His statement was made both as information and an invitation.

“I, I can’t pay you?” The young stranger nervously replied.

“I don’t recall asking you to.” Cowboy smiled. “Come on hop in the truck and we will go on up to the house.”

On the drive up to the house the stranger had introduced himself as Kyle and had thanked Cowboy for his help and the offer of hospitality. He was a soft-spoken lad who struck Cowboy as having a good heart no matter what his current troubles may be.

The drive up to the house was fairly short and it wasn’t long before he and Kyle were in the house and Cowboy was showing the lad upstairs to the bathroom.

Reaching an open doorway to one of the bedroom’s Cowboy told Kyle that he could bunk down in there for the night. “You will find it pretty comfortable in here,” He told him. “My room is just at the end of the hall.” And with that Cowboy gestured to a white door at the end of the hall.

Walking over to the set of drawers, Cowboy opened one of them and lifted out a neatly folded pair of blue denim dungarees. He turned and placed them on the bed. “Put these on when you have had your bath.” He told him. “And I’ll get your clothes washed for you.” Turning to the lad he smiled and then led the lad to bathroom. Kyle followed quietly, almost too tired for conversation.

Inside the bathroom, Cowboy started running a bath for the lad. “Help yourself to any toiletries you need.” Cowboy told him as he ran the bath water, lifting a box of Epsom salts and emptying some into the bathwater.

As he did so, Kyle went to the bathroom washbasin and putting his hand into his shirt pocket pulled out an old razor and placed it on the washbasin before beginning to undress.

Standing up and turning to face Kyle he was met by the site of the young lad standing there before him crouching down slightly as he pulled his boxer briefs free from his leg.

Cowboy admired the lad’s physique but was slightly shocked by his confidence and lack of inhibitions. “Um there is a robe hanging on the back of the door.” Cowboy told the lad. “Help yourself to it whilst you are here.”

Kyle dutifully obliged by pushing the door shut slightly and reaching up lifted robe from the hook on the back of the bathroom door. As he did so, Cowboy noticed the leather strap that was left hanging there on the hook. And Cowboy wasn’t the only one to have noticed it.

“You got kids then?” Kyle asked, un-phased by the sight of the strap hanging there.

“No, no kids, I am not married and live alone.” Cowboy replied. “But sometimes my boys need a little lesson in good behavior.”

Cowboy looked at the pile of clothes in the middle of the Bathroom floor. “Looks like they aren’t the only one’s.” He thought to himself, as he reached down and picked the clothes up ready to take down and put into the wash.

“Ok. I am going to go fix us some food, whilst you have your bath.” He said. “See you downstairs when you have freshened up.” And with that, Cowboy turned and left the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

Dropping the robe onto the floor and climbing into the bath, Kyle looked at the strap now swinging slightly on the bathroom door hook, before lying back and sliding down into the fresh, hot bathwater.

“Damn that feels good.” He thought to himself, closing his eyes and relaxing. “But I wonder who and where his “boys” are?”